3D Matterport Tours!

3D Matterport Tours!

Picture yourself sitting at home on your phone or computer, looking for your dream home.

With soccer practice on Tuesday, band rehearsal on Thursday, friends visiting this weekend, and it's busy season at work, when are you going to find the time to go look at houses? We understand! With our busy lives, you don't always have time to look at every home that pops on the market. What if we told you, you could walk through the home from the comfort of your living room or on the side lines of that soccer game? 

Nancy Jenkins Real Estate is proud to present the new 3D Matterport technology to provide interactive 3D models for our listings. You may have seen the 3D Matterport technology used on the HGTV Channel and other cable home shows.

Matterport is a 3D mapping service, which uses a special camera to create immersive views of interior spaces. The technology creates a three-dimensional “dollhouse” view of an entire property that the buyer can fly-through, in virtual reality, giving a depiction of the space. The Matterport technology allows potential buyers to navigate up and down, backwards and forwards, and jump between floors. 

You will be able to see exactly how each room is connected to each other. With this new technology you feel like you are virtually standing in your future new home, no matter how far away you might be. Talk a walk-through our listings below!

2687 Greenbush Road, Charlotte

335 Upper Meadows Lane, Charlotte

566 Guinea Road, Charlotte

4035 Mount Philo Road, Charlotte

1207 Moody Road, Huntington

32 Tyler Place, Jericho

50 Brigham Hill Road, Essex

1500 Main Street, Fairfax

4 Lupine Lane, South Burlington

120 Fairway Drive, South Burlington

205 Swamp Road, Richmond

95 - 93 Green Street, Hinesburg VT - Example of potential build packages

493 Ballard Road, Georgia

1448 Mountain View Road, Williston

12 Pleasant Street, Essex Junction

170 Canyon Road, Colchester

4 - 8 Paige Road, Fairfax

6 - 10 Paige Road, Fairfax

176 Old Creamery Road, Williston

6 Endeavors Lane, Swanton

235 Birchwood Drive, Colchester

17 Glen Ridge Lane, Swanton


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