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Home Away from Home - Winter Getaways in Vermont!

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS

Vermont is a ski and snowboarder's dream! Our state may be small, but when it comes to ski resorts, we don’t fall short of incredible locations. Vermont offers some of the best downhill skiing and snowboarding experiences in the country. From the big-slope options like, Stowe or Killington/Pico to the small Vermont mountains, we have something for everyone. Check out our full list of resorts here

Live here full time and enjoy the slopes throughout the season or visit us on the weekends for a fun getaway. Do you love visiting for a day on the slopes but hate having to stay in a hotel every night all cramped with the kids? Does it get expensive to pay for the ski pass, hotel and eating out all weekend? We have the perfect solution to make your weekends in Vermont optional. Buy a vacation home, block off the weekends you want to be here and rent it for the rest of the year!

No more checking into hotels, eating at restaurants all weekend bcause you are lacking a kitchen, storing your gear in the car because you don’t have space in your room, and worrying about being too noisy after quiet hours!


Let us find you the perfect getaway! Pay for your ski weekends with the income from your rental. Conditions are great here, what are you waiting for?

Let’s make Vermont your home away from home. 

Fall Newsletter!

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS

Fall is arriving and with it the beautiful foliage that will have leaf peepers from all over the country coming to visit Vermont. Now is a great time to take a drive through the back country roads to view the brilliant autumn colors around every corner. Stop in for a pumpkin at your favorite farm stand, head to the orchard for apple picking and enjoy the glorious fall sunshine.

This year the Fall/Winter 2017 market, will I believe, continue to show steady strength. Historically Fall is strong with an increase in deposits over the summer months when children are out of school and as July and August are peak vacation months. Relocation is also strong during late fall and into the spring, which brings many new families looking for homes during a time when fewer home are typically available.

As we continue to experience lower number of homes and condos with 533 combined available as of September 1st (down 19% from last year at this time). Mortgage rates have fallen to 3.75% for 30 year zero point options, and home prices are forecasted to rise in this environment. If you have been thinking of selling a home, condo or investment property, now is a great time to consider putting it on the market- call us today.

We have much to be grateful for in Vermont and we want to always help others who are in need. With all the recent news about Hurricane Harvey and Irma and their effect on both the US and the entire Caribbean, there are many families who have lost basic shelter and need our help. The fastest way to help those in need is to send money but be sure to send to a vetted fund like The Red Cross or Global Giving. In the coming days and months, all of us need to dig deep, and share our abundance with others in need.

I look forward to our market which is strong and healthy remaining that way through the near future and into next year.

Enjoy Fall!

Call today- it will be our pleasure to assist you with your real estate needs.

- Nancy and The Jenkins Team


Check out this Month's Coupon to Adam's Apple Orchard & Farm Market!

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Thank you to our friends who sent us their friends! Irena Morehead, Sharon Bryant, Mulu Gebreselasie, Christopher Niles, Chris & Michelle Thibault


Client Testimonial:

"Nancy was on top of things from the get-go! She knows the ins and outs of this business for sure! Her team was exceptional as well and was very courteous and patient with me as this was my first house sale. Couldn’t have done it with them all!!! Thank you so very much!"

- Linda Alderman – August 17th, 2017



©2017 Nancy Jenkins Real Estate


Private Paradise, or the Middle of Nowhere?

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS

Private Paradise, or the Middle of Nowhere? 

Realtors weigh in on the value of seclusion for Vermont homes

Free Press Correspondent

The Nancy Jenkins Real Estate calendar hits mailboxes every year, delivering 12 months of “property pin-ups” - breathtaking photographs of gorgeous homes.

Whether the houses are perched on dramatic waterfront cliffs or tucked into seemingly endless treelines of natural woodland beauty, they share one common aspect: no visible neighbors. What the calendar seems to be selling - along with the homes themselves, of course - is the idea that seclusion and privacy are essential components to elite properties.

“People who love privacy, love privacy,” Nancy Jenkins said. “For those people, it’s an absolute requirement when they are shopping for a home.” Yet Jenkins says those people are in the minority, even in a place such as Vermont where abundant land remains undeveloped and affords those middle-of-nowhere settings for homes.

“I see very few people who must have total seclusion,” said Jenkins, estimating that less than 25 percent of the buyers she deals with are looking for one of those “calendar homes” with few, or no, visible neighbors.

That preference is also reflected nationally. A recent survey of U.S. homebuyers by the National Association of Realtors found that while more than 60 percent listed privacy as an important factor when shopping for a home, less than 10 percent said they were interested in seclusion.

That highlights an important distinction according to another Vermont realtor, Geri Reilly.

“There is a difference between seclusion and privacy,” Reilly said. “Seclusion is when people really want to be by themselves, and I don’t see that very often. Most people want to be in a neighborhood - they don’t want a house right behind them, but they want to be able to see their neighbor’s lights.

“It’s just the comfort of knowing someone is there.” 

Whether it’s the fact that nearly every slasher-type horror movie is set at a cabin the middle of the woods, or simply the human tendency to take comfort in community, many homebuyers are made uneasy by property on which they feel too alone.

“Seclusion is very much a split decision for people,” Jenkins said. “Some of them don’t want privacy at all - in fact, they get nervous about it. They would much rather live in a neighborhood that feels like Anywhere, U.S.A.

“I’ve had some people whose biggest obstacle to a house was that they didn’t think they would feel safe there, because it was too isolated.”

Jenkins said some of those customers who do want to be far away from their nearest neighbors have jokingly referred to wanting ‘naked privacy,’ or the ability to behave however they’d like on their property without having to worry about who might be watching.

“Those places can be hard to find,” Jenkins said.

While the need to practice nudism isn’t exactly driving the Vermont real estate market, the broader criteria of lifestyle largely is. Many people who move to the Green Mountain State do so for its abundant outdoor activities: skiing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, etc.

Having a virtual outdoor playground literally right outside your door is what fuels many of the customers looking for a home far off the beaten path.

“The people who are really into the outdoors, and want to be able to go hiking and mountain biking, they want trails right on their property,” Reilly said, adding that such customers also tend to have different priorities when they look at a real estate listing. “They are more about the land itself, and less
about the house,” she said.

While that aspect of lifestyle drives some customers out into more isolated properties, the flipside - wanting to be close to amenities and more urban-oriented activities - remains a larger force in the market. Even retirees and second homeowners who come to Vermont to “get away from it all” don’t
want to be too far removed from the fulfillment of their everyday needs.

“As people retire, what they want is amenities - ideally, with walkability,” Reilly said. “They want to be able to walk to the village, walk to the coffee shop, or go get something to eat without having to get into the car.”

That sense of convenience isn’t limited to retirement-aged people, either; Jenkins said families with young children also favor more settled areas with amenities closer within reach.

“When you live in a neighborhood with sidewalks, it can be a lot easier to manage than getting everybody into the car every time you want to go somewhere,” Jenkins said.

Even younger, single Vermonters have a tendency to stick closer to the action rather than escape to a place where the soundtrack to life is provided largely by crickets.

“Take Burlington, for example,” Jenkins said. “You live there because you want to be in the mix. You want to be part of that downtown vibe, the arts and music and restaurants.”

Yet both realtors agree that the common ground between the two extremes is what is most commonly sought by homebuyers in Vermont. The ideal property is one that strikes a balance of proximity to the
state’s amenities and cultural attractions, with the tranquility you expect to get from settling down in
northern New England.

“What a lot more people want is that calm, comfortable lifestyle,” Jenkins said. “Peace and quiet - Thoreau’s Walden. That’s what people are looking for.”

That doesn’t mean those calendar homes on their expansive tracts of land are going to languish unsold on the market, however.

“Every person is different, and every property is different,” Jenkins said. “It’s all about finding the right match.”

2017 Scholarship Winners!

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS

This is the 20th year we have awarded the Nancy Jenkins Scholarship, which provides $1,000 in tuition support for two college-bound high school seniors. We were delighted to receive a number of applications, all from teens showing a terrific determination to succeed in their life goals. 

Congratulations to our 2016 Winners!

Kayla White from CVU will be attending Lyndon State College studying Nursing. 

Bidhya Chamlagai from Burlington High School will be attending UVM studying Nursing.

It is our honor to help our young people learn and grown and we wish them much success in their studies and their future. 

Welcome to Spring!

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS

The long winter has given way to warmer days, buds on the trees and I know that we are all ready to go out and enjoy Vermont in one of its most beautiful seasons. The real estate market started off cool in Northeast Vermont but was in great stride for March as 111 single family homes went under deposit up from 105 in March 2016. Sales of condominiums were also up for 2017 with 58 pending this year compared to 48 last year.

It is always hard to listen to the national home sales news and bring it back to our “neck of the woods”. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) announced that nationally pending home sales were up by 5.5% for February. Seattle led the nation with an increase in pending sales over 13 percent! The Pending Home Sales Index for the Northeast rose 3.4 percent. Vermont was actually down slightly by 10 deposits for single family homes in February, but we did not have the early spring that a lot of the nation has enjoyed.
Our March looks more like their February with increases of 5.7% for deposits and 15% for homes sold as compared to 2016.

Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, says February’s convincing bump in pending sales is proof that demand is rising with spring on the doorstep. “Buyers came back in force last month as a modest, seasonal uptick in listings were enough to fuel an increase in contract signings throughout the country,” he said. “The stock market’s continued rise and steady hiring in most markets is spurring significant interest in buying, as well as the expectation from some households that delaying their home search may mean paying higher interest rates later this year.”

I also took a look at our available homes which remains low with only 346 single family homes and 126 condominiums available as of April 1. It is always interesting to look at the historical data to give us some perspective. In 2001 there were 217 SFH and 43 Condos and that fell to 186 homes in 2005, which turned out to be the top of our market. By 2006 we were up to 365 and climbed to 608 in 2010. In the years following April 1st has seen the total number of listings in the mid-500 range with the exception of 2013 which had 472.

This shortage of homes and condominiums is an indicator that our market is heating up and with 30 year fixed rate mortgage interest rates in the low 4% range, demand will remain strong. Homes are coming on the market in increasing numbers and here at Nancy Jenkins Real Estate we placed 19 properties on the market in March and are adding new properties each week. Check out to catch the newest listings as they arrive for you to view.

This is not the lowest inventory we have seen but it is a tight market especially below $400,000. The majority of buyers are looking in that range and it has the fewest homes and properties available. This is the best time to put your home on the market and I urge buyers to take advantage of the low rates and be in the market to secure the new home or property that best fits their needs. There are many options for a buyer to consider in the new construction arena and the smell of new wood and the ability to add your personal touches make building a wonderful alternative.

Call us today to let us help you market your property and to find the new one that fits your needs today.

Nancy and The Jenkins Team                                                                ©2017 Nancy Jenkins Real Estate


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"My buyer representative, Lori Mallette, is first class. I never would have found my home without her. Her persistence finding properties to view and her understanding of what I wanted in a home made all the difference. Her patience with me as an edgy first time home buyer was incredible. As frustration mounted and I wanted give up, she encouraged me to stick with the plan in a difficult housing market with thin inventory. If you want top shelf professionalism and someone looking out for your best interest, work with Lori Mallette."

- Scott Hinman – February 7, 2017

Friends Who Sent Us Their Friends

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Great Loan Programs!

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS

Are you sick of your family and friends telling you to buy a home? You don't think you can afford it or you don't think there is a home out there for you? There are properties out there where your monthly loan payment is less than what you are paying for rent! You won't have to worry about your upstairs neighbor playing their music too loud or their dog barking in the middle of the night. You'll sleep soundly in the quiet of your own home knowing you're not only saving money, but you're putting it towards something you own!

Here at Nancy Jenkins Real Estate we have the following properties and more, where you could put your monthly rent check towards a home of your own! Remember, your rental prices can fluctuate after your lease term, lock in a great mortgage payment today!


164 Pearl Street, St. Albans - 5 Little County Road, St. Albans - 12 Huntington St., St. Albans

Fairway Independent Mortgage has some amazing programs right now for home buyers! Check out some of the great programs below. 

The MOVE program offers home buyers VHFA's lowest interest rate. Benefits of the MOVE program are:

  • ​​Low interest rates 
  • Low down payment options
  • Lower monthly mortgage insurance payments
  • Savings of up to $825 on the Vermont Property Transfer Tax

The Advantage program ensure more Vermonters than ever before are eligible for VHFA mortgage loans. Benefits include:

  • No first-time homebuyer requirement
  • Low down payment options
  • Lower monthly mortgage insurance payments
  • Savings up to $825 on the Vermont property Transfer Tax

The ASSIST program can help Vermonters buying their first home overcome the hurdle of having sufficient cash for closing costs associated with a first mortgage. The mount of an ASSIST loan cannot exceed the amount of your actual closing costs and required down payment related to the first mortgage. Benefits include:

  • 0% interest rate with no monthly payments
  • Up to $5,000 for down payment and closing costs
  • Funds are provided in the form of a second mortgage
  • To qualify, you must be purchasing your first property

*Information on loan programs provided by Fairway Independent Mortgage. For full details please contact Fairway. 

Call us today at 846-4888 and we can help find you the perfect home while pairing with Fairway to help find you the perfect loan! We are here to help make your dream of owning a home come a reality!

New 3D Matterport Technology!

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS

Picture yourself sitting at home on your phone or computer, looking for your dream home.

With soccer practice on Tuesday, band rehearsal on Thursday, friends visiting this weekend, and it's busy season at work, when are you going to find the time to go look at houses? We understand! With our busy lives, you don't always have time to look at every home that pops on the market. What if we told you, you could walk through the home from the comfort of your living room or on the side lines of that soccer game? 

Nancy Jenkins Real Estate is proud to present the new 3D Matterport technology to provide interactive 3D models for our listing in Underhill. You may have seen the 3D Matterport technology used on the HGTV Channel and other cable home shows.

Matterport is a 3D mapping service, which uses a special camera to create immersive views of interior spaces. The technology creates a three-dimensional “dollhouse” view of an entire property that the buyer can fly-through, in virtual reality, giving a depiction of the space. The Matterport technology allows potential buyers to navigate up and down, backwards and forwards, and jump between floors. 

Click here to see our tour! You will be able to see exactly how each room is connected to each other. With this new technology you feel like you are virtually standing in your future new home, no matter how far away you might be.

This technology is the wave of the future bringing together the buyers interactive experience and the marketing of a home for sale.  The international or cross-country buyer will be able to experience how the house ”lives” without making a long distance trip to have the same experience.  We have had Realtors in our international REV group report sales of properties to buyers who have gone forward from just this experience.

We are pleased to share this with you and know that it will add to your experience.  Home shopping in a new format that gives you the opportunity to visualize your new home before you arrive to fully enjoy a private showing is our goal. 

Fall Newsletter 2016

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS

Fall is here and we are all looking forward to crisp nights, sunny days and changing leaves. Vermont is at its finest with Harvest festivals, apple picking, leaf peeping in the mountains and valleys, pumpkin patch exploring and new house shopping.

The Chittenden County market continues to have low inventory in many price ranges. On September 1st Chittenden County had 482 single family homes and 178 condominiums available for a total of 660 properties compared to 2015 with 961 properties available!

The number of single family homes under deposit from May through August has shown good activity with deposits for that period up 34% over last year. Closed sales through August for single family homes is still lagging behind 2015 but given the increase in deposits, we should catch up by year end. Condominium sales through August are up 6% over last year.

Here at Nancy Jenkins Real Estate we have closed or pended over 180 homes through early September. We are proud to work in one of the best locations in the Country for both beauty and the quality of life. We expect to see a strong fall and winter season and sales that will have the 2016 year ending at or above 2015 levels.

If this is your year to move to a new home, buy a vacation home, or an investment property- now is the time to act as prices are stable. While mortgage rates continue at historical lows, given the improvement in the economy this is destined to change in the near future with the possibility of a rate hike in December.

Give our team a call and be in your new property in time for the holidays!

©2016 Nancy Jenkins Real Estate

August Newsletter 2016

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS

Back to School! I have always seen the real estate market perk up as soon as the back to school advertising starts. We have enjoyed a wonderful long summer with great sunshine, beach days, hiking and biking. Soon the annual harvest markets, celebrations at Shelburne Farms, the Underhill Corn Roast and the Champlain Valley Fair will be here!

The real estate market here in Northwest Vermont has had a good run this summer. The first of August sees continued lower levels of available homes with only 512 single family homes and 177 condominiums totaling 689 combined properties currently on the market in Chittenden County. This is compared to 2015 with 691 homes and 240 condos totaling 931 combined properties for sale, a 26% reduction from last year.

The number of single family homes under deposit reached 892 as of August 1st an increase of 10.8% over the 805 deposits from 2015. Condominiums are also up with 415 units pending up from 405 last year. We saw a 7% increase in closed condominiums with 380 closed by end of July 2016. Single family homes are down 9.4% through July with 685 homes closed year to date. As deposits are up I expect the number of homes closed this year will exceed last year’s total of 1284 closed, by more than 5%.

We are looking forward to a strong fall with historically low mortgage rates, continued lower inventory levels, and high demand. Buyers are taking advantage of these conditions in anticipation of higher interest rates looming on the horizon.

Andrea HossleyThe Nancy Jenkins Team is proud to announce the addition of Andrea Hossley to our team as a Buyer Specialist! Andrea comes with a background of sales and customer service. She looks forward to helping you find the perfect home! Our experienced team is ready to assist you in reaching your goals both for your home, investment property or even a vacation home.

Enjoy the rest of our warm, sunny days and call us for all your real estate needs.

©2016 Nancy Jenkins Real Estate

Welcome to The Team Andrea Hossley!

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS

We want to send a warm welcome to the newest member of our team, Andrea Hossley! Andrea will be working as a Buyer Specialist here at Nancy Jenkins Real Estate. 

Andrea was raised in Williston and returned to Vermont to raise her two children in her beautiful home state. She loves all that Vermont has to offer, from outdoor recreation and family fun to unparalleled quality of life. Andrea is a people person, smart and quick to understand customers’ needs. A former local business owner, her background includes sales, business administration and customer service. Andrea is thrilled to work with the Nancy Jenkins Team and is dedicated to helping you find your perfect home.

Welcome to the team Andrea, we are so happy to have you!


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