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Vermont Homestead Declaration and Property Tax Adjustments

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS
We just wanted to remind you that the Vermont Homestead Declaration and Property Tax Adjustments forms are almost due. All homeowners must complete this form by April 17th, 2007. The new form HS-122, now replaces the following three forms; HS-131, Declaration of Vermont Homestead; HS-138, Education Property Tax Payment Application; and HS-139, Property Taxes Rebate Claim. The print version of this form can be found here.
To fill this form out online, click here.
If you have any question, you can call the Vermont Department of Taxes Homestead Declaration department at 1-866-828-2865

RSVP of Chittenden County

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS
Our Friends at The United Way of Chittenden County are looking for volunteers to help with their RSVP of Chittenden County program. RSVP offers persons 55 years of age and over personalized one-to-one help to connect with meaningful volunteer opportunities in the community.
For more information please visit the RSVP of Chittenden County webpage by clicking here.
-Nancy, State ranks high in education survey

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS

Educators encouraged as results come out. In an article published by the Burlington Free Press, on Education Week’s annual Quality Counts report, Vermont has been ranked third behind New Jersey and Massachusetts for academic achievement and ninth on a chance-for-success index.  Results are based on National Assessment of Educational Progress, the federally mandated standardized test.  Richard Cate, Vermont Education Commissioner states, “I think it indicated that we have been and continue to be poised to have a very successful population, a successful work force, all those things – in terms of the people that are coming out of are education system and just society in general.”

To view the report, click here.


State ranks high in education survey
Published: Friday, January 5, 2007
By Molly Walsh
Free Press Staff Writer

Vermont public school students perform near the top nationally and have a relatively good chance of succeeding in life, according to a state-by-state ranking published this week.

The Education Week Quality Counts survey put Vermont at No. 3 for academic achievement, behind No. 2 New Jersey and Massachusetts in the top spot. Vermont was ninth among states on a chance-for-success index that measured demographic, economic and education attainment indicators. Virginia was No. 1 on the success meter and New Mexico was last. (read more), Vermont’s Grand List

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS
The Vermont grand list has been released and a report has been published by the Burlington Free Press.  Some interesting notes: the number of million-dollar properties has more than doubled from two years ago.  And, the total Vermont property value is over $65 billion which includes 338,275 parcels. To read more and to view the report, click here.
-Nancy, Minnesota deemed healthiest, Louisiana worst

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS

Fresh off the report of our nations’ healthiest cities comes’ a Reuter’s report on the nations’ healthiest states. We are happy to report Vermont was ranked number 2, just behind Minnesota. Similar to the report, New England cities and states rank very well, while southern states tend to be found towards the bottom of the lists. Some of the factors this report was based on include; prevalence of obesity, smoking, infectious disease, cardiovascular deaths, infant mortality, child poverty, immunization rates, workplace deaths and auto deaths. Rounding out the bottom of the list is Louisiana, where Hurricane Katrina was a major factor.


Minnesota deemed healthiest, Louisiana worst
Tue Dec 5, 2006 2:35pm ET

By Will Dunham

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Minnesota was deemed the healthiest U.S. state for the fourth year in a row, while Louisiana slumped into last place as the least healthy in annual state-by-state rankings released by on Tuesday.

Vermont placed second as it did in 2005 with New Hampshire, Hawaii and Connecticut rounding out the five healthiest states in the report by the United Health Foundation, a nonprofit group formed by health care company UnitedHealth Group.

They were followed in order by Utah, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Maine and Wisconsin. (read more), Burlington Vermont rates #5 in the nation as healthiest city for women

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS has published a report of the healthy and happiest cities for women. While our fair city didn’t rate as well as Honolulu, HI (#1) or as poor as Detroit, MI (#100), Burlington did come in  the top 5 with a respectable #5.  Last year, 2005 saw Burlington, VT rated #4 of the top 5. The report was based on 40 different  types  of criteria including; death and disease rates, obesity, smoking, exercise, environmental indicators, community resources and lifestyle habits.    

For the article and the details of this report, click here.

-Nancy, Mortgage rates see big drop

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS
Good news for mortgage rates… is reporting long term rates have hit their lowest level since the beginning of the year. This brings the current 30 year fixed rate down to a 6.18% national average.
If you been on the fence about making a Vermont Real Estate purchase, this could be your opportunity. If so, give me a call, 802-846-4888.

Mortgage rates see big drop
Long term rates hit lowest level since first of the year; 30 year fixed hits 6.18%.

November 22 2006: 1:55 PM EST

NEWYORK ( -- Mortgage rates continued their downward slide reaching their lowest point since the first of the year on slower growth in the market, according to a survey released Wednesday.

The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 6.18 percent for the week ending Nov. 22, down from 6.24 percent, according to Freddie Mac's (Charts) Primary Mortgage Market Survey. A year ago, the 30-year averaged 6.28 percent. The 30-year peaked for the year in July, at 6.80 percent. (read more)

UVM Landscape Change Program

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS
Here is a website I recently discovered and found of interest, It is The University of Vermont's Landscape Change Program, an online archive of historic Vermont photos. Many of photos are from the 1800’s and compared side by side with photos from today.
One that I found particularly interesting is this 1859 photo of Burlington's City Hall Park taken from the Vermont House. It’s very interesting to see the changes that have taken place in the last 150 years.
I hope you enjoy this website as much as I did. If you find anything of particular interest please share by adding a comment at the end of this blog post.
-Nancy, Existing Home Sales, Prices Off in Sept.

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS

This AP article outlines the current National Real Estate trends. The market in Vermont is improving with the number of active homes going down.  The peak in Chittenden County was over 595 and now is down to 582, and dropping.  The numbers of deposits is in line with the 2004 statistics and are showing signs of improvement.  The number of showings and offers are up and the bonus is that the Federal Reserve Board did not raise interest rates on Thursday.

How would I view the Vermont Real estate market?  “It is like spring, you can feel the sun is warmer, you can smell it in the air but you still have some time to go before it stops snowing and really warms up”.

I was speaking with Allen Domb one of the nations foremost Realtors, he and other national realtors I polled agree that the change is happening and the last two weeks have been most telling.  As Linda Sandlin, Realtor from Marco Island Florida said, “Our market certainly dropped but I feel like it has hit bottom and is turning upward”.

I did find this quote quite interesting, and certainly do agree,

"The worst is behind us as far as a market correction this is likely the trough for sales," said David Lereah, the Realtors' chief economist. "When consumers recognize that home sales are stabilizing, we'll see the buyers who've been on the sidelines get back into the market."

Good signs for things to come.


Existing Home Sales, Prices Off in Sept.
Sales of Existing Homes Fall Yet Again in September; Median Sales Price Drops by Record Amount


The National Association of Realtors reported Wednesday that home sales fell by 1.9 percent in September to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 6.18 million units, the slowest pace since January 2004.

The median price of a single-family home fell to $219,800 last month, a drop of 2.5 percent from the price in September 2005. That was the biggest year-over-year price decline in records going back nearly four decades. Home prices had also fallen in August and it marked the first back-to-back declines in 16 years. (read more), Best & Worst/ Governor Ratings

by Nancy Jenkins, CRB, CRS

I found a few articles on the website that you will find interesting.

The first article rates the best and worst states in the country.  You'll be interested to know that Vermont was rated the best in school spending, $11,128 per pupil. To read more, click here.

The second article rates state Governor's. Vermont's Governor Jim Douglas was given a four star rating, the best mark available in this study. Governors were judged in several areas, including: tax and fiscal policy, work force and economic development, health care, education, and regulation. To read more, click here.


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