There was a story run in the December 16th Burlington Free Press on the national real estate market’s media coverage, you may find interesting.
On this same topic, I received an email from a buyer asking if housing prices in Vermont were really going to drop 30% in 2008. What he was referring to was a recent headline posted by Reuters on two markets- Punta Gorda, FL and Stockton, CA, which were the only two cities mentioned. My advice to sellers has always been that you buy and sell a home in the same market. It has never been a good strategy to try to time the market. Now is a great time to invest in Vermont real estate. 
Vermont's real-estate picture stays ahead of rising foreclosure trend

Published: Sunday, December 16, 2007
By Dan McLean
Free Press Staff Writer

Mark Chaffee, vice president of Mortgage Financial Inc. in Colchester, said he's getting frustrated with national reports of a disintegrating housing market.

"I see, in my business, that people are nervous. And they are nervous because the national press is telling them the sky is falling," he said, later adding, "I get very frustrated because it's misleading to my clients." (read more)