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Hurricane season is here, and the first major storm of 2011 is anticipated to reach Vermont in the next few days. You may aleady have noticed stronger winds and rain here in the Chittenden County area today.

It’s hard to say what we should expect from Irene, but most forecasts predict tropical storm activity, heavy rain and 50-mph winds. You can track the path and intensity of Hurricane Irene at --

Remember, during a hurricane, keep family and pets indoors. Bring inside loose outdoor objects, like trashcans, potted plants, and lawn furniture. And wait to call 911 to report power outages until service has been restored to your service area.

Here is a Hurricane Preparedness Guide with helpful tips from our friend Jack Cotton, at Sotheby’s International on Cape Cod --

Our friends at Point Bay Marina, in Charlotte, also shared this Vessel Prep Guide.