Burlington Free Press, ran a special section in its Saturday paper aimed at enticing motivated renters to take advantage of Vermont's buyer-friendly real estate market and purchase their first home. With mortgage rates at historic lows and home prices staying affordable, lenders and realtors agree now is the ideal time to buy. And Free Press staff writers want you to know about it.

The cover story zooms in on the Pfiels, a young couple married nearly two years ago, who, with some careful planning, were able to purchase their dream home, a ranch-style house on four acres in Jonesville. As BFP Staff Writer Matt Sutkoski describes it, "The Pfeils were lucky, and they know it. Unlike some first-time homebuyers who have trouble finding the right house, obtaining financing or dealing with the complex paperwork involved, the couple said they are still awestruck that buying their first home was so easy and quick."

Nancy Jenkins was interviewed for another piece, "Memo to First-time Homebuyers: Jump In," written by BFP Staff Writer Dan D'Ambrosio. The basic message: Don't wait. Buy now!

Nancy helped to explain to those ripe for becoming first-time homebuyers that at current interest rates, the payment on a $180,000 loan would be just $800-$900 per month, making it more affordable to buy than to rent an average apartment in Burlington. But first-time homebuyers should line up financing before making an offer - and preferably before searching for a home.

Jenkins is quoted saying, "We're seeing the lowest prices you're going to see, they're not going any lower."

Affordable Ranch Home in Essex Junction, Vermont
This beautifully remodeled 3-bedroom ranch in Essex, which we listed earlier this month, was
priced to sell at $194,000, making it a perfect home for a first-time homebuyer. It didn't last long.


According to the US Dept of Housing and Urban Development, a house is an excellent long-term investment and, when purchasing a home, it's a good idea to work with a realtor who can guide you through the process. A realtor will help you figure out your price range and search local listings to find the home that's just right for you.

If this is your year to become a first-time homebuyer, call our office today! We have 6 very friendly, extremely knowledgeable Buyers Agents here who would love to help walk you through the Greater Burlington Vermont homebuying process.